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"The only thing that matters is that you love him. You may not know exactly why you do, but that is what love is all about. You fall in love without knowing the reason."
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blingmints: crying with ur icon omg

oh i just saw your message. yeah i know. that’s my baby boy ^^

omg i love ur mom hahaha
sobs she’s osm
/o/ im loyal for u okay LMAO
i love you

key favorite hairstyles » requested by; taeriyakey

(don’t judge my love for his rdd hair ;__;)

ok so the other requests will be posted tomorrow bc i’m using my dad’s laptop rn and he said i should turn it off already. i’ll try my best to post them when i got home from school tomorrow. i’ll just tag those who requested the edit when i post it, okay?

requests i have rn:

  • minho edit; choiminhos
  • taekey edit; anon
  • onkey edit; seungqey
  • key fave hairstyles; taeriyakey
  • minkey edit; anon

that’s what i have so far guys, if you want a request, just drop it on my ask. have a nice day everyone! ♥

taeriyakey said: xD the version b is the green one? LMAO HAHAHAHAHHAA 8D okay the green ^^’ thaaanks /hug

nooooo! the green one is version a, the b/w is version b. :)) you’re welcome sweetie :)

o.o rlly? 8D should i buy the version a then? uh? haahahaha *-* thanks
oh wait im wrong. hhaha i meant, the version b has the same pics with amigo. i suggest you should buy the green ones. :)
:D the korean first album lmao the green one 8D the version b is b/w ^^’
oh haha i thought the jap. um i think the green one is better bc ver. a’s pictures are almost the same with amigo album, i think. :)
;w; omg i just have …hello and lucifer *-* neeh did u know what is the difference between the first album (korean) version a and b? :3
do you mean the recent first album or the old ones? :)