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"The only thing that matters is that you love him. You may not know exactly why you do, but that is what love is all about. You fall in love without knowing the reason."
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best of shinee 2013 

↳ kibum - blonde era

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130802 Key instagram update

bumkeykwelcome to my 이마land 나갑자기 업뎃에 꽃힌듯 근데 이제 이륙해서 핸폰 꺼야함 그래서 빠이 ::::-)/81&:”/’ㅌ927:6/!!’

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130802 Key instagram update

bumkeykand my new haircut (싹둑) やっぱり夏は暑い!!그래서잘랐어!!どう?

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130802 Key instagram update
bumkeyk: and my new haircut (싹둑) やっぱり夏は暑い!!그래서잘랐어!!どう?
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. king . of . diamonds .

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