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"The only thing that matters is that you love him. You may not know exactly why you do, but that is what love is all about. You fall in love without knowing the reason."
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10/50 goddess tiffany

10/50 goddess tiffany

This is a little stuff to all my amazing followers. What do I wish to all of you? The best that life can give you. Much love, happiness, baths rains, true friends, smiles, hugs, kisses, more music, books, happiness’ cries, learning, falls that you raise stronger, long walks, enjoy nature and the fresh air, meetings with old friends, travels, adventures, knowing people, places, cultures and above all, that all God’s plans for your life are realized.

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[ SHINee’s japanese PVs released in 2013 ]

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whether or not you like their music, k-pop idols have gone through a ton of stuff and deserve your respect. (◡‿◡)




Jonghyun is the most adorably agressive alpha female I’ve ever seen in my life.

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My new favorite Super Junior dialogue Sungmin:
Host: Wow, that was really cute. Siwon looks like he can't take it anymore. Siwon, what's wrong?
Siwon: Hyung... you're almost thirty years old...
Sungmin: I'm sorry.

A wonderful 2014 to all my lovely followers and everyone beyond. Thank you for everything.

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I automatically assume everyone finds me unattractive until they tell me otherwise.

And then i assume that they are lying to make fun of me

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